Free Drug Pipe w/ iPhone

Found this image on the Apple website over X-Mas. I guess that drug pipe shown next to the iPhone has Bluetooth and wireless crapability. Apple must know their demographic at least as well as their competition does.


Is the Space Pope reptilian?

Of course I couldn't be happier with the return of Futurama. In the spring of 1999, when Futurama first aired, the Simpsons had already begun to show they would no longer as relevant or sharp in the years 2000. But Futurama still feels fresh to me. Futurama is a throwback. Like the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Black Dossier, Futurama cast a wide net, trying to capture the sum of human thought since inception. With significance drifting back and forth between the past and the future. Like what the scientists tell us about God.
So I thought I thought I'd share some wiki research on Futurama:

* There is a strange racially charged history which the supremely diverse Futurama universe rests on. Evidence: the title of this new Futurama DVD is a play on Shaft's Big Score, the robots are often portrayed as robo-americans, and Nibbler is based on Minstrel cartoon character Bosko. Not everyone's from the Neutral Planet.

* Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth gets his name from Philo Farnsworth inventor of the television. Professor Farnsworth has invented these things, and Mr. Farnsworth invented these things.

* List of recurring alien characters from Futurama


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