McCain: "Let's not call it a bailout"

Get out your thesauruses everyone!

This Week in News Screen Grabs

His words say hooray, but his face says boo.

And if you step back from the screen a bit, and it's late at night, you might think the New York Times was writing about Palin's Penis. Perils. Penis. Perils. Penis. Okay, maybe if it's late at night and you are near sighted, far from the screen and dyslexic. Doesn't the NYT have anyone to catch this stuff? If not, hire me, seriously I see this sort of thing all the time, and there's no reason not to change your headlines to prevent dyslexic misreadings.

And finally, from Google gives us this illustration of the Shiva's dance of death:


last Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If it happens Pat...

Apparently, I'm not the only person who thinks this is the best show on television right now. But I am the last person to learn about this awesome song.


Rewriting 9/11 at the RNC

"The first attack occurred in Iran..."
Is Dick Cheney producing their movies now? Seriously folks, this is disgusting.

How about this, why don't they just show the same 2 minutes of footage for half an hour and then tell us which day we will invade Iran on. That way we can mark our calendars, and won't have to wait, or wonder if we can do anything to stop it.

We can't stop it, anymore than we can stop a hurricane or GE.
Totally fucked, America. You are totally fucked beyond all recognition.

Foolish Men of Science

Scientist have exposed this innocent creature to cosmic radiation. Am I the only one who has read the Fantastic Four? It's great that this little Tardigrada can survive a bombardment of cosmic rays in the vacuum of space, but I'm adding this to the list of things scientist shouldn't have done. It's always safest to assume fantastical horror until proven otherwise.


Bloody their noses