Using the FOIA to Learn about the SEGNPMSS

I've always been interested in the Freedom of Information Act. Though, I've yet to actually use it to learn anything, I can learn about it on the Internet. Here's what I've learned.

How to use the Federal FOI Act
A booklet originally published in 1976, now in it's 9th edition. Seems to have the most basic instructions for how to use the FOIA. Apparently, step one is to simply write a letter to the respective agency asking informally for the information you want. Not all information is available, the exemptions are pretty common sense. The only one that surprised me was:
Exemption (b)(9) - Geological Information

The National Security Archive
This is a great resource that I'm really looking forward to digging into. The Nixon/Presley meeting documents are quite great and include a pdf of Elvis' handwritten letter to Nixon asking to be made a Federal Agent at Large in order to help fight the drug and hippie problems of the country. As I will probably remain too lazy to write any agency, and too uncreative to think of some information that needs liberating, this site will be the next best, and maybe better thing.

Barbara Schwartz

This is a interesting wiki about the person to apparently hold the most FOIA requests. She was the president of the Church of Scientology in Germany for almost a year in the 1980s. She has used most of her FOIA requests to try and unravel the mysteries of her own personal history.

Schwarz has written that she believes the Church of Scientology has been infiltrated by agents of what she refers to as "SEGNPMSS" ( "Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists' Mindcontroller Secret Service"). She blames Nazi infiltrators of the Church of Scientology for her involuntary expulsion as the president of the Church of Scientology in Germany. She continues to consider herself a Scientologist and defends the Church, "in its true form."[2]
The wiki is actually rather sad concluding with her being banned from the Salt Lake City Public Library, in part for being the FOIA Terrorist. More on this sort later.

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