Run OLPC's "Sugar" under OS X

According to a post on BoingBoing, the OLPC developers have released an app to let your computer emulate the Children's Machine.

I'm going home to try it right now.


Might have jumped the gun a little, now that I'm home I can try to elaborate.
The developers have been posting [disk] images of the Sugar OS, and it looks like they've been doing it for some time (possibly since the Beginning) ...

Anyway, so the deal is, you can download an emulator from these fine people, who've developed a virtual machine (a la parallels, but free), then run the olpc image of your choosing under your new vm. Not a new idea, not an OLPC-released app, and not nearly as point-and-click as I initally thought. However, I have calmed down some from my initial enthusiasm -- and I'm still excited. Of course I'm still excited!

Sadly, I do hear it's kinda sluggish under Q (those attempting under parallels had more promising results). But I'll see for myself shortly.

It looks like I'm getting my first taste of the Children's Machine much sooner than expected.

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