Imagine a Power User President

Here's a photo from Time Magazine's recent article on Al Gore. Looks like a lot of windows are open on those three 30" Apple Cinema Displays. I bet he has scripts and plugins worthy of the sharpest power-user. And a Big G5 to run all those displays. Imagine a president who not only read the paper, but read it online. And Google News. And that days top blog posts.

Imagine a president who left his position at Google, Apple, and his startup, not Haliburton.

In his interview with Diane Sawyer, she paraphrases his views that TV is anesticizing and the Internet will be more interactive. Before she begins to refute the Internet, he gives her the patronizing look of a patient web-zealot. "Go ahead and explain to me why your industry isn't doomed." I much prefer his brand of historical determinism.

His main point on Good Morning America seems to be, "Hey America, think something is wrong with the processes of politics, and media that allowed THIS to happen? Go with that feeling."

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