Mean Face

Today I was scrapping cheese of the grill and was asked by a coworker if I was okay. Things were busy, but I wasn't stressed. But I suppose I let my face drop, and I looked, perhaps, angry. Really it was my dead face. Usually at work I'm a smiley monster. Occasionally, it falls down and I'm revealed as a hateful bastard.

So I've been conscious of faces lately. Barack Obama is at risk of appearing the "Angry Black Man." John McCain is of risk of letting his face look like the old miserable motherfucker that he is. So ten minutes into the debate, I'm looking at Joe Biden's smile and Sarah Palin's stiff mouth.

What do they say? More importantly, what do people read? I thought I was just scrapping cheese, but apparently I looked stressed and angry. So far Biden and Palin are in absolute control of their faces.

I wish I didn't care about the faces. I'd rather listen to the radio, so I could use my TV for video games. Damn these faces.

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