Gingrich's workflow for being a total blow

This is Newt Gingrich's advice to Sarah Palin on how to become a permanent scumbag, rather than just another flash in the pan asshole.

Good to know there is a processes. I wouldn't want to think of all these assholes competing for air and making it up as they went along. This is actually quite important, because if we can simplify the process of running for president, or being a perpetual pundit, then we can get even dumber, and even more vile assholes into the public debate. (see Glenn Beck, on second thought- don't) This is good because now America's retarded side can finally be expressed on television outside of Jerry Springer. It's fun to watch the death of ideals in slow motion, kids!

"1. Write a book. Palin is already set to do that, which Gingrich applauds. A book, he said, helps a politician lay out his or her philosophy and experiences in their own unhurried words. It also helps score TV time, which in turn helps sell books, he added."
"2. Land a regular commentator on television. It's a sure way for an outsider to stay inside the national dialogue and in touch with the incumbents, activists and strategists who can help launch a comeback."
"3. Consider getting a condominium in New York or Washington. An East Coast base of operations would ease what could become an onerous travel schedule from Alaska."
"4. Write and master three types of speeches. One speech “is to make money,” he said, and should be something smart and entertaining."
"The second set of speeches includes what Gingrich calls “high-value” addresses designed to be delivered before major interest groups and universities, enabling Palin to “project her brand.”"
"The third speech, of course, is a campaign stump speech that she can take on the road in 2010 to help Republican candidates raise money and gain attention."
"5. Create some sort of national project or center. This can serve as a base for her political return and an incubator for ideas and action on issues. A National Energy Project, Gingrich said, would be a natural for Palin."
"6. Plan on working really, really hard. Many ex-politicians confuse being a celebrity with being a serious political player, Gingrich said. “She can be a personality for a long time,” he said. “But that is very different from becoming a national leader.”
[via the Page, from Politico]

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