Another Massachusetts Flip-Flopper

Campaigning in New Hampshire this week, the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination told an audience that he is a "lifelong hunter," according to the Associated Press. "I've been a hunter pretty much all my life," the news service reported.

But the campaign now acknowledges that the former governor has been hunting twice in his life -- once when he was young and lived on a ranch in Idaho, and more recently on a quail-hunting trip in Georgia with GOP donors.

"I wouldn't describe the governor as an avid hunter," spokesman Kevin Madden said. "I don't think if we were sitting around the hunting lodge, he would have a lot of stories to tell about big game."
Giuliani, however, has lots of great hunting stories; like that time him and Bernie Kerik went hunting for prostitutes, or when he spent six hours stalking this one homeless guy, before taking him down with a crossbow, just before the sun rose over pristine streets of New York City.

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