Mensaje de Newt Gingrich

I have never believed that Spanish
is a language of people of low income
nor a language without beauty

~ Newt Gingrich from HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. {wtf}
n.gingrich joined youtube July 11, 2006, and since then has posted 17 videos to his channel, known as "Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America." His viewership started is now in the low thousands, but his most recent video, Mensaje de Newt Gingrich, has received almost 60,000 views in only a day. But that's what happens when the Old Media covers the Internet; they throw the seeds of their readership into nooks the readers could never find alone. And eventually the readers don't need the papers to filter their Newt Gingrich updates.

But the seed of readership has only just been planted. It might not survive phenomena section. Currently, he has 217 subscribers, including this guy. Newt has no friends. And not is do you no longer need a filter to Newt, now Newt will filter for you too.

Since typing the above, Newt now has 222 subscribers, and one of those new ones is me.

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